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Patti is one of our latest contributors to our zine. Her work is featured in our last issue number 10 called ‘YOU’. She is also our first contributor from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The art work featured in ‘YOU’ is a self portrait called “Mijn Tuin,” which means “My Garden.”
She feels this art work (as shown on the right) fits nicely with the concept of ‘YOU’ because not only does enjoy her ‘vermin infested front garden,’ but it gives her great pleasure to know it annoys her neighbours who are ‘very intolerant arses’.
The art work is a pen ink drawing with some watercolours.
We were really intrigued with her art work so we decided to ask her some more questions..
  • How and when did you get into art?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawing. As a child, trying to WILL my dreams come true by depicting them, later to try and improve on reality. Painting I only started out of necessity for my job. The commissions for my pet portraits became, at one point, about 6 years back, a string of small white fluffy dogs, very hard to do in pen and ink… GREAT to do in oils!!

  •  What would you say influences your work?

Some of the people that have inspired me include; Jeronimus Bosch, Rembrandt van Rhijn, Marten Toonder, and more recently Maya Kulenovic.

  • How would you describe your style?

In my commission animal portraits work I can’t get away from realism, although when customer allows I like to build in a bit of theatre and drama. In my own work I strife to be part of the “worldwide Kitsch” movement.

In short, I denounce being part of the –art is for the elite– trend but I dedicate my self to depict recognisable emotional work and painstakingly try to become technically perfect.
  • What’s your working process like?

I work slow but intense. I look for drama and humour at the same time and are obsessed with finding the beauty in things in general considered ugly.

  • What materials do you work with?

I like most 2D mediums apart from pastels, I particualiry love pen and ink and oils but pencil and watercolour pose great opportunities for depicting work in too.

  •  What kinds of themes are running through your art?

Animals mainly, alive and dead, particularly fantasy animals and horses

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