First portion of the “Buken bomen”

This commission is to be 70cm x 80cm (28″x32″) pen and ink on paper. I reached this portion of 70cm  x 35cm after 40 hours of drawing.

The subject is a portrait family forest. (Writing this with kind permission to publish my progress). I interviewed the family, as a whole and one on one, for an afternoon, visited their home, viewed where the piece will come to live and had a wonderful time.

These commissions are not always  as straightforward as the might seem, bot only will I translate the information I get suring the interview into symbols that will fit the bigger picture, I also , subconsciously, take in a lot of vibes, it is not always what people want to see in their portrait and it is difficult to judge for me, whether this secondary information needs to be in the picture or not. A bit like portraying that extra wrinkel or pimpel or not.

This commission hasn’t got much extra layers though, so I can concentrate on bringing out the glorious story at its best!