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Horse Painting Demo

Horses lend themselves to painting with glazes, or layers of color on top of one another to build up deep, rich colors. This sequence of photos shows how artist Patina Vaz Dias, who is known for her paintings of horses and dogs, uses watercolor for portrait of an Arab stallion. 1.  Start with an Accurate […]

Kunstroute Valburg 2015

Eens in de twee jaar organiseert het kunstenaarscollectief een kunstroute in Valburg. Het derde weekend van juni is het zover; de 8e kunstroute in Valburg! Achter de schermen is de organisatie (samen met de kunstenaars) alweer druk bezig met alle voorbereidingen om het weer een groot succes te maken.  Ook dit jaar heeft zich weer […]

Artist Profile – Just to Annoy You

ARTIST PROFILE PATINA VAZ DIAS Patti is one of our latest contributors to our zine. Her work is featured in our last issue number 10 called ‘YOU’. She is also our first contributor from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The art work featured in ‘YOU’ is a self portrait called “Mijn Tuin,” which means “My Garden.” She feels […]

Selfportrait by Patti Vaz Dias

I was absolutely (over)excited again, with this month’s project. The first stages went brill. and I really managed to get the colors I was looking for. Then I left it a bit and decided to do a glaze to get more one-ness in the skin tone, and it went a bit downhill from there, but […]

House of Dancing Colours

From the Artist:I paint a lot of Koi fish and painting them from this angle really helped me to understand the shape of the fish, its more robust than I thought. Koi fanatics however, don’t rate this picture much, you don’t get to see the bonny colour patterns on top! (The Japanese phrase means “House […]