February 2008 Painting Project: Expressive Self-Portraits

From the Artist:

It took me a while to decide whether I was going to be fast and furious with this painting, as a lot of Expressionists’ work is. But I don’t think I’m ready for that, so I chose to paint an expressive expression using metamorphoses and symbolism to express my self rather than a quick expression. It was very hard to not get into too much drawn detail or make it too cartoonish. (I could’ve gone on forever!)

I hope it gives the casual visitor of the gallery as much joy as it did me. (Laughing out loud is allowed!)

From the Painting Guide:This is a fabulously inventive self-portrait though I’m not sure it’s a side of you I’d want to meet in a dark alley…

Things to Consider When Looking at This Painting:
Eyes:Given the angle at which we see your right eye and nose, I don’t think we’d see the inner point (against the nose) of the left eye. This would be hidden by the nose (unless it had a serious indentation in it). Also take another look at how much of the cheek you’d see past the nose at this angle.

Ear:There’s something about the light tones of the ear that make it seem stuck on rather than attached to or growing from the side of the head. I’d take another look at it with particular regard to the other shadows or darker tones you’ve in this area to make it consistent.

Also publised on painting.about.com

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